domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

New York Comic Con 2010

In a year from now L and N travelled to NY because they wanted to attend the NYCC.
It was amazing, after a long flight and longer anticipation, we got to de Jarvis Convention Centre, a massive building full with comics, nerds and fun stuff!

Friday we attended dressed as Zatana (N) and she Flash (L) courtesy of our friend Eddie. We walked, looked, bought and took loads of free things!! One of the things that you can enjoy more in this kind of conventions, is the all the free comics and promotions you can get! Also there are all this booths where they take pictures of you and you get this awesome images that they are EPIC! The good thing of Friday is that there is not that much people around, so you can walk rather happily! 

We had a Three days pass thanks to our friend Pepe, from Nutopia Agency, so obviously we attended Saturday as well. 
Marvel costume contest

I must say, Saturday is the Day, almost everybody attends on Saturday, all the good stuff is on Saturday, so we took out our best costumes and went to enjoy the day, and know what? we rocked it!!! We where stopped every second step for pictures! But actually that's not a big surprise, because only seeing what we where dressed as you could imagine that! L was Emma Frost and N Psyloche!! of course we had all the attention!

This day we did more walking and actually buying, it was almost impossible to move because of all the people around! We got loads of free goods again ^_^!! Even T shirts! 



We got to play this amazing new game, actually it was a tryout, where the actual console is in the weapon you hold that projects the image of the game on the wall and moves when you do, no controls, no console, no tv! We really look forward to see the final version!

Of course we had tot take some pictures again with other people and in the booths!

The next best thing than happened to us that day was the Michael Jackson Experience, we love to dance, so we enjoyed it like kids!

N, Superman Kingodm Come & L
Sunday was more a relaxed day, we dressed up as Super Girls, both of us, and did a tour around. Actually this day is when L bought almost all the comics she got, and they where a big amount! The thing is that we don't really get much of this stuff and American editions are so much cooler!

I don't know if we have much to add, only that it was an amazing experience, we just loved it.

We met lot's of fun people, nice cosplay and came back with so many stuff we hardly can imagine!

A part from the con we went shopping and sight seeing around Manhatan. Stayed in three different places and ate in a wonderful Japanese restaurant!

We really hope to be able to go back soon!!!

Love you NYC!! and NYCCC!!

L & N

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