viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

Gotham Sirens

It's been long since we last published something and I strongly apologize, but we have kind of been out of the system except for Facebook. 

This time I think it's time to talk about our best cosplay so far, the Gotham Sirens Trio, that we managed to pull off for our convention here in Barcelona.

We should have our own comic book!
It's been for some time now that we were trying to find cosplays for three that would actually be cool to do and one day we sat together and started talking nonsense, you know how it is, and N said that she would love to be poison Ivy, and then we said that M had to be Harley Quinn, which turned out on us saying that why not Gotham Sirens? So we did. 
We must say that what an enterprise it turned out to be, lots of discussing what would be the best material, how to do certain things, etc.

M fighting with some pompons
Like the combination?
Look at those legs!!!

And some shiny purple for a classy kity!

 After lots of troubles we finally managed to make the whole outfit and turned to be just great. When at the con we had a great time, people stopping to talk to us, lots of pictures, meeting old friends, some new, just amazing! We didn't get much time to see the actual con, but that doesn't mean that we didn't have the time of our lives!!

And this is our super hero!!!
Some of the best villains together!

You think you can escape us Robin?
Of course some 3DS was mandatory.
From the thousands of pics we thought it would be fun to work some of them through the photoshop and have some cool illustrations, so that is what L did. Hope you like them!! we have more in our Facebook page.

Some photosynthesis before night is here.

What do your jokery eyes see?

True Love

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