lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

New York comic con

OK, after a couple of weeks after NYCC, I think it's time we made a small review.

L had the chance to go to NYCC, thanks to our friend Pepe Caldelas. This year it was held as usual at the Jarvis convention center, during four days, and we had acces in on all of them. The ocupation of the exhibits was all the levels and areas, so the whole of the center was a huge fan site full of constant amusement.

If you have been following our facebook you provably have seen the pictures and the different things that have been going on. The first day was more for professionals and special badges, so it wasn't that packed, but the rest was a full river of people walking through the tight alleys and trying to look over the overpacket booths.
Artist Alley on Friday
This year there where not that many interactive sutff to do, and, as understandable, most of them demanded some sign up and different things. The whole convention was divided in four big areas:
- The main floor, where all the main booths where.
- The artist alley.
- The block: where you could find all the different alternative stuff, and a great are with arcades.
- The theaters with the panels.

Everywhere there where interesting things and fun going on, and if you didn't have enought you could watch all the cosplayeres. If we talk about the cosplayers one must point out a couple of things. The best day on my opinion to see good cosplayers was Sunday, but there was the huge Homestuck gathering on Friday and the Doctor Who on Saturday.


Doctor who

The whole convention was loads of fun and it's a thing I really recomend to everybody.

If you want to see the full amount of pictures, I sugest you visit our facebook page and check all the albums

T shirts is one of the things you could find more at the con!

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