lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Past Carnaval

As carnaval approaches, I think is nice to look back on what different costumes have L and N dressed up in this various years, don't you think?

Carnaval 2010

New years eve 2008


Kiss party in Sr. Lobo

miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

Gishwhes part two

Do you remember GISHWHES?
Yes, The skavenger hunt that L was in? 
Some of the items she needed to publish N helped with them, and here are the videos!
So I hope you have fun!

Snake oil comercial.

Super hero "helping" a pore shopper.

Evolution in a dance.

Lord of the Rings, in this one L's class mates helped!

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012


This deserves a special entry...
Megaupload has been closed by the FBI today!
Yesterday we where all over about SOPA and even Obama was saying how he would allow a free internet and then they do this, not a warning, nothing, just closed...
Now I wonder, what will happen to all those users that had premium accounts? Will they be processed?
And all the information that was stored?

Check Twitter and other networks, just see how people is reacting.

After all the sherlock stuff, I say to the internet fans, pleas support megaupload, they where there for you, now it's your time to be there for them.

Check this song that is on the you tube as well... let them know what we think!

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

I believe in Sherlock!

Ok this is the next thing that L has gotten her self in to... Really? I don't know what she does, but she all the time gets strange things to do!!

This is a community thing that has started after the last episode of the second season of Sherlock.
Every where is full of this, tumblr, Twitter, facebook, redbubble , every where!!

People are doing Tshirts, paintings, pins, drawings, tatoos, everything!!!

I'll keep you posted!

Love L & N

lunes, 16 de enero de 2012


What do you think of L's new hair??

When we have a moment we will show you in better images!!

It's very pink!!

jueves, 5 de enero de 2012

The fifht (or filth) of January

In Spain we do a parade to celebrate that the three wise men are coming to give us presents!
In the US and UK (or yookey) you have father Christmas who comes baring gifts for the good ones, the 25th, but in Spain, and I think in most Mediterranean, countries is the three wise men.

So L was happily in her study doing some amazing transcriptions about some weird Romans in Latin, with the great OST of the game of thrones as background music, and she starts to hear strange music around her, so she pops out her head through the window expecting anything and she sees the parade!
Oh my, what is the next thing she dose? Hurry to get the camera! This is great material for the blogg! At least for now...

So here you have, her recording together with some of her explanations. I know, it's long, and maybe boring, but before you all get to scared and don't even give it a try, just start to look at it, you are always in time to shut it out!

Ok, the image is not very good, but what can you expect of a mobile camera?
Quoting the Doctor, the end of the world will be recorded by mobiles. 

Enjoy the last days of holidays! And like the swedes would say, good continuation!!! 

L & N

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Bad Romance

This is a video we did a friend and us for a contest and we had to dance bad romance from Lady Gaga.
Ok, it's quite lame... I must be sincere with that, but its very funny!!!

I've been told from the guy in the filming that I should say that we had an agreement with him, something concerning sex or three something, and that he was under the effects of drug... :P believe what you want ;)

I think we really need to get a new and better camera, this quality really takes out a lot of what we actually could do, you don't really know what a good lens can do until you have tried it!!

We do have more projects, and I hope we can do them properly with good equipment!
We can always get some help from our friends!

Our next thing that it would be nice to do is a proper filming of this act we did in the Barcelona International Comic Fair!
Who will help us??

and we are also here!

New year nerd party

Hey friends, here you get us on new year, in our favourite place!

Hope you had a great time like us! Because we did!

We messed up with people, L threw someone's drink on the floor and after ended up being friends, N wasn't in her best day but she gave everything, a group of kids tried to hook with us with a terrible success XD, what else can you ask for a great party!!!

Enjoy the year!
BR, L & N



domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

FinalCutKing 48 Hour Film Challenge Winners

We didn't win, but it was loads of fun!
This is our fantastic creation, I hope you can guess what the story is about.

Here you get the actual winners:

Really? we had no chance!!! I mean, we are fucking amateurs and this was our first filming, but the experience was worth it!!!