lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

The world is saved

How many times have we saved the world together? or by ourselves? Or online? In black and white or in colour? How many times have you seen that overly pixeled character and started feeling the emotions from expectation? How many of you love just to pick up a controller and do what you can do best?
This is what this song is about, the epicness of videogames!
Thanks to a friend Rapther I discovered this, and just loved it. There is the English and Spanish version, and they are both as epic! 

English version Composed by Danny Wiessner


Versión española Interpretado por Baxayaun

viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

youtube video channels

I think it would be fun to just make a small list of the youtube channels that we follow. Basically is those people that make cool or fun videos!

Alert, the order is not a preference, just how it comes out!

We have Smoosh, hilarious videos an parodies, but the best in L's understanding is the Legend of Zelda rap.

We also have the Team Unicorn, yeah this girls are amazing, we actually envy them!! And the best is the one we met them with, G33K & G4M3R girls!

Than we have geek and sundry, where you can see the new episodes of the guild. It's like a tv channel and they have weekly airing.

One of L's favourites is Adamslapdog, and his hilarious zelda abridged series.

We must make a special mention to Vihart, its a girl who does great doodling explaining maths theories! it's just awesome!!

Here come our girly thing, Michelle Phan is a girl who does amazing things with make up! and easy!

Then we have LogeandZane, who do various parodies and fun videos, one of the best to our opinion is the I'm yours.

If we talk about music we cant forget Lindsey Stomp, she dose this great videos and plays the amazing songs with her fiddle. It's hard to chose one, but maybe one of the latest, of Skyrim.

As a curiosity, we have man from greace, who has all this animated series, and our favourite is the Doctor Who.

One of the latest findings is this barelypolitical, the do fun parodies, maybe the best is their new video abou game of thrones!

For the last, but not the least, you could take a look at break originals, they have fun things but the crow jewel for us is the tonight I'm fraking you!!!

PS: We talk about other channels, but don't forget we have our own!!!

Yeah, we know, sometimes we have a strange taste!

lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Highway in Lloret de Mar


 Hi kiddos! 
L went with some friends to this hard rock bar in this town called Lloret de Mar by the sea and she found out you could hang hang things on the wall, so she just began the greatest spam ever!

She wrote her freak shows various times and just hope that we get more followers or views!!!

She really is a spamer this one, there is almost no bathroom toilet in her university free from her writing!

Hope you enjoy my craziness!

viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

N cosplay

And this is a post only for N, where we show the different things that she has dressed as in the past years. Some of the costumes you already know, because she has done them together with L, but here you get a very nice resume of everything she can do. 

Yes, she has been Xena by her own!

Don't you think?

viernes, 1 de junio de 2012


ei! I was just thinking, should L and N dress up as characters from the Xena tv show?

Gabriele and Xena

Calisto and Xena
What do you think?? HERE WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! :)

We we'll just keep thinking more :P