martes, 24 de abril de 2012

The throne

Our paper roses!
And here is an other freaky thing that we have done... Yeah, because we try to be everywhere at once!

Last Monday was the book & roses day in Catalunya, and because the second season of the TV show called Game of Thrones is airing now we had the honour to be able to sit in a replica of the throne!

Not only we made roses to give away to our friends, we also enjoyed some nerdy stuff.

Yes this post is just to show how we look if we were GoT characters. Obviously L is a Lannister, and N would be... I think Tully suits her perfect!
The sad thing is that N could not make it, but that is because her ship was caught in the middle of a storm near Pyke and she had to fight some Ironborn, so she didn't make it in time... 

And because sometimes we like to do a little of stupid things, here is the freak version of the picture XDD Do you like L's throne?? 

Enjoy our photo shoot, and for all of you ho are new, WELCOME!

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