lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Bad Romance

This is a video we did a friend and us for a contest and we had to dance bad romance from Lady Gaga.
Ok, it's quite lame... I must be sincere with that, but its very funny!!!

I've been told from the guy in the filming that I should say that we had an agreement with him, something concerning sex or three something, and that he was under the effects of drug... :P believe what you want ;)

I think we really need to get a new and better camera, this quality really takes out a lot of what we actually could do, you don't really know what a good lens can do until you have tried it!!

We do have more projects, and I hope we can do them properly with good equipment!
We can always get some help from our friends!

Our next thing that it would be nice to do is a proper filming of this act we did in the Barcelona International Comic Fair!
Who will help us??

and we are also here!

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