jueves, 5 de enero de 2012

The fifht (or filth) of January

In Spain we do a parade to celebrate that the three wise men are coming to give us presents!
In the US and UK (or yookey) you have father Christmas who comes baring gifts for the good ones, the 25th, but in Spain, and I think in most Mediterranean, countries is the three wise men.

So L was happily in her study doing some amazing transcriptions about some weird Romans in Latin, with the great OST of the game of thrones as background music, and she starts to hear strange music around her, so she pops out her head through the window expecting anything and she sees the parade!
Oh my, what is the next thing she dose? Hurry to get the camera! This is great material for the blogg! At least for now...

So here you have, her recording together with some of her explanations. I know, it's long, and maybe boring, but before you all get to scared and don't even give it a try, just start to look at it, you are always in time to shut it out!

Ok, the image is not very good, but what can you expect of a mobile camera?
Quoting the Doctor, the end of the world will be recorded by mobiles. 

Enjoy the last days of holidays! And like the swedes would say, good continuation!!! 

L & N

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