sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

And here comes TUMBLR

L has made something very crazy, again. Yes, she just couldn't hold her self and be calm for a while, she had to open a new blogg, and this time it's a Tumblr... Yes, all of you who have tried it, you know what it is, the ones who haven't... DON'T! It's worst than the strongest drug you can imagine!!! 

You start because a friend showed you one thing, and then you get curious, see more stuff, really cool stuff, and start reblogging, till you end up blogging and checking the damn thing every 30 minutes!!!!
Now she has been blogging for some months and thinks it's time to come public, yes, she is hooked! 
Then she showed to N what she wasted her time with, and N just went nuts. Her literal words where: this is to crazy for me, but it's fun! I'll just try it again an other time!
If any of you feel like you want to know what crazy things we like, just check it every now and then. It's hilarious!
Specially when she sees something she likes, then she just goes:
Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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