viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

And more Barcelona comic con pics!

First we will start showing the photoshoot that Koomic did to some cosplayers on Sunday in their booth!!

And here are more pics from last weekend where you can see us in our splendour!!

I need to make a special mention to Raven and Jacks that cosplayed with us, and Albert and David, who took pictures to us!

This is pepes foto!!

As soon as we find new pictures we will publish them in the album, but no real new post unless they are worth something!

Enjoy this sneak peek!

N & L as crazy as always!

This is a part of our prformance

Try to fall like a spider!

Interview for HBO + South America

What if?


Picking up our prise, best combat!

And they where grate!!

And here is our photographer!! Thanks David!

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